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New Around Here
I'm starting to research a replacement for a D-Link DIR 890L at my home. We have 100Mb cable internet. It's a pretty simple setup. The cable modem is connected to the DLink. The DLink has 3 devices wired to it (QNAP NAS, eufy security hub, and a pi-hole). Then there's probably 20-30 wireless devices including laptops, tablets, smart speakers, smart outlets, phones, etc. My home is just under 2000sqft and has 2 floors. I currently use a TP-Link wireless extender for the 2nd floor and have had no issues. As my children are getting older (6 and 8), I'm looking for something that has decent parental controls and filtering (on top of the pihole). The 2 options I am most interested in so far are:

1. Firewalla Gold with an AP
2. Synology RT6600ax

Some questions/points:

1. Will there be a noticeable difference in data visibility and/or control? I'm not looking to do anything intense but would like decent parental control and configurability. Also would like the ability to easily control/make changes when away from home.
2. I work in IT, so have a little networking knowledge but it is not my strong point. I'd like something solid that once set up just runs and I can make changes as needed.
3. Need advice on a good, non-cloud connected, AP that won't break the bank. Probably sub $150. I realize the Firewall Gold/AP option is more expensive but am willing to pay it for a solution that better meets my needs (if it does).
4. Is the Firewalla overkill for my needs and I just want it because it looks/sounds great?
5. Would like the ability to boot a device off the network easily both at home and remote.

Appreciate any information/experiences provided!

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