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Logging inbound connections on Edgerouter X

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I have configured my Edgerouter X using the default setup wizard, so there is a rule in place to drop inbound traffic. I would like to log any inbound connection attempts. I have set up a remote log server, and it is logging activity from the Edgerouter. It is not logging any inbound connection attempts, including my own Netcat port probes directed at my public IP from another machine on the WAN. Should I expect to see this traffic logged? I have tried several logging levels including Information, Warning, and Debug. When I set it to Information I get a flood of log entries, so the logging is definitely working.
That's certainly not the default behavior, IME. If you poke around you might find a way to enable such logging. There is a per-rule counter as to how many packets get dropped by a particular rule --- you might want to watch that for awhile before deciding if you really want to see details of every packet.

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