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OpenWRT on EdgeRouter Lite 3

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Hello to everyone!

OK, I have successfully flashed OpenWRT to my ERL 3, was able to access it via the GUI, was also able to update to the latest firmware.

What I have NOT been able to do is gain Internet connectivity. My laptop is connected to the eth0 port and in the GUI OpenWRT calls that port the LAN port, which is different from EdgeOS setup where eht0 is supposed to be the WAN port.

eth1 and eth2 are WAN ports according to the GUI, I connect a cable from my modem to either eth1 or eth2 but do not have any connection to the net...

Is there a tutorial for the ERL3 anywhere? The YouTube videos about setting up OpenWRT on an EdgeRouter X are nothing like what I see on my ERL 3
Are you certain of that?

ERL3 is different than the Edge Router Lite - and I'm not seeing a target there...
Are YOU sure about that? I've never seen ERL 3 and Edge Router Lite 3 differentiated... ERL3/ERL 3/ERL-3 to the best of my knowledge are all the same references to an Edge Router Lite 3... there ARE 2 versions... the old has the beveled upper edges and the second is rectangular but hardware is the same
The best support for OpenWRT you're going to get is over on their forums... that's why they host forums for user support.

I work on OpenWRT, but I'm mostly focused on the ath79, ipq40xx, and qualcommax targets - can't really help you with a very old target like the ERL/ERL3...

I've got an older ERX-SFP on my shelf, but that's a completely different device than the ERL3...
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