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Looking for NAS for: backups, photos, videos and Plex server

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I am looking for NAS recommendation. I would like to buy NAS, which would be good for:
-> Automatic backup from multiple devices, like PC or smartphone
-> would be good to store data like my photos in videos
-> would be enough to be a Plex server for 1080p (preferable 4k) for local network and 1080p for using with smartphone

I would also be able to install 10Gbps Ethernet RJ45 card inside.

I would like to store there up to 20 GB of data.

Which RAID would be best for me: RAID 5 or RAID 10 if I would like to rand 4/6/8 drives?

My budget for NAS (without discs/network card) is about 1k USD.
QNAP and Synology are both reputable vendors in this space, and have good pre-sales teams that can help with selecting the right model for your needs, e.g. scaling well and not over or under building...

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