Looking for optimal settings running deco M9 in AP mode

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Good Morning

I have asus RT-AC87U and delco M9 running those in AP mode. I have turned off the asus radios but would like to turn them on for more coverage using same SSID but not sure if that will just mess things up and if not what are best wireless settings for asus router and deco. If it won’t mess up my overall radio coverage in the house recommended settings for radios?

Also any benefits to setting my decos to static ips under route. It says this am be useful for running other routers behind RT-AC87U but in there the Delos are not other routers so not sure.

Also I took my asus off line for past 9 months since getting the M9s and I upgraded to recent Merlin firmware should I do a master reset and change the SSID on the router and M9s Or anything else.

Also have usb thumb drive and saving traffic history there will that slow the network down,

Any other recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks Doug

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