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Lyra nodes on AC86U AiMesh Router

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Depending on the fact that AC-3200 doesn’t have AiMesh until now, I’m looking for new hardware. Yesterday I got a new RT-AC86U.

Until now I haven’t devices who can be used as AiMesh node. I have to buy something...
It make sense to buy some Lyra’s for that?

Ok, in know a second RT-AC86U would be the better option, but it costs also much more.
do you really need Aimesh and all its troubles?
Use your 3200 as AP like in the past with same SSID and even stay more happy.
PS: guest WLAN are not supported on Aimesh nodes!

How many nodes do you need, Lyra usually sold in a 3-pack and prices depending on different Wifi-speeds.
If you need only one more node you could take a cheap used RT-AC68U.
Yes it could be that AiMesh creates more problems than benefits. Yes I know there is no guest WLAN on the nodes.

One router alone is not able to cover my whole house. So I need something to expand. Currently I use my AC3200 as main Router and he is connected over the air to an AC66U in WDS Mode. I’m not really happy with that and I think it’s time now to move from WDS to mesh. I already have a new AC86U.

Not sure, but I think 2 Lyra nodes should be enough. Unfortunately used AC68U aren’t really cheap. It’s the cheapest option to run AiMesh and a lot of people are looking for used AC68U and increase the price. Lyra is the newer device than AC68U, I assume I got in future more updates for Lyra.
I am thinking to sell my 68 and 86 and maybe change to Fritz only which is running without any troubles for me with 160MHz bandwith and guest wifi on node (reused previous modem) too. Only would have to buy one cheap AP/repeater like 1750E.

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