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good morning,

please forgive me if a newbie question.

I need to understand if possible to assign rules for the interfaces on my asus RT-AC86U (currently running Merlin fw 386.3_2), e.g. assign a static MAC Address for a specific interface.
In my case the interface 4 is connected to a server (00:1E:06:32:C9:4B), so I want to teach the router all traffic (input/output) for that server shall be routed only through port 4 (without disturbing other ports).

I imagined to build a services-start in jffs section with arp commands.



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so I want to teach the router all traffic (input/output) for that server shall be routed only through port 4 (without disturbing other ports).
I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to achieve here. The router already works this way internally, this is the most basic function of a switch.


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Hi Colin,

I'm trying to replicate (if possible) a functionality present in my NETGEAR GS110TP switch.

Through the below functionaliy I can teach the switch the static MAC Address(es) connected to the each port of the switch (g1, g2,..., g8) when it is possible (device connected through a wire).

The switch is able to learn indipendently, through this functionality it's possible to fix what learned as static (learned and fixed forever).

I understand from your answer probably the ASUS router is able to learn indipendently (like the switch).
Since there is no such functionality on the ASUS I was wondering if possible to fix as static through ARP commands.

Hope to be clear.



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You can create a static ARP entry if you want to, and if using Merlin's firmware make it persistent. There are various posts in these forums describing this as it can be necessary for WoL functionality.

But this should really not be necessary for your situation. Unlike your switch the Asus router doesn't (without serious customisation) support VLANs or use separately addressable ports. All LAN devices are connected to the same bridge interface (br0). When data is sent to an IP address to router hasn't seen before (or has forgotten) it uses ARP to discover the physical port the device is connected to, just like any other switch. There's no need for you to replicate this behaviour.
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