Making my site secure on NAS

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Hey all.

I have already asked this in the Synology from but go no answers, so I ask here.

It is both router and NAS questions, so…

I have installed both Web Station, Mail Station and all related.

Installed webpages, made IP forwarding from router to NAS and tested with external IP4 that forwarding is working, it does :).

But now I can’t find a good solution for these things:

How to make my site secure (Thinking about Lets Encrypt).

That demand port 443 forwarding, and I do not see that option in 386.1_2

How to Encrypt my site?

Do I need to buy a certificate? If yes, from where and how to?

I prefer a free solution – but if other option works much better, I take it :)

For now it is only working as http and need to run as https.

Similar I am looking for a solution to make the Mail Station secure.

POP3/SMTP with SSL/TLS encryption.

If any of you know about step-by-step solution(s), please send link(s) in this thread.

My hardware and software related to this:

Router: AX56U, Merlin’s 386.1_2

NAS: Synology 218Play, DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3



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