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I would like to buy a NAS (4TB JBOD - no RAID) for the sole purpose of media storage. I use XBMC to access all the contents (don't care about UPnP).

I would like to stream at least 3 SIMULTANEOUS streams of HD content (compressed as H.264) over the gigabyte LAN.

I dont care about anything else (dont want web server et all) except for NAS backup.

What is your recommendation.

On another note, assuming I have several H.264 compressed AVI files - Is there a backup solution that will compress the H.264 files to 1/3 or so? For example say my total AVI files occupy 1TB - Is there a backup solution that will compress this to say 333 GB?
If we estimate each stream between 20 and 40 Mbps, that would be 2.5 - 5 MBytes/s. Three streams means you need x3 of that, give or take.

Plenty of NASes that can support those read speeds in the NAS Charts. Use the 1000 Mbps Avg Read and 1000 Mbps File Copy benchmarks.

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