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Mediatek router with Apple Myth of Fact

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I have been in the market for a router recently and ones that caught my eye had mediatek filogic 830 chip and most likely 2.4 and 5 ghz chips will also be mediatek too. Then I have seen multiple comments about compatible issues with mediatek chip router and apple devices. Most of our devices are apple, so this would make the router useless

Honestly i checked and a lot of devices had mediatek chips, that would make a lot of routers just bad with apple devices? But then no one seems to have mentioned it specifically when you see the reviews. So it must be a myth right? but a lot of people mention it randomly in posts or comments in general for mediatek. I also checked my previous routers and none of them were mediatek, it was either qualcom or broadcom. Honestly if the mediatek thing is likely true, purchasing a router is a nightmare. Not only do you have to look at the cost/performance then if chip is mediatek that all means nothing?
Welcome to the forums @arthelinus.

Buy, test, and return if necessary within the return period.

That goes for any router you're considering.

Searching for things online is great and all. Nothing beats actually testing in your own environment though.

I have no Apple products, but my experience is that MediaTek products (WiFi adaptors and routers) is kind of a last-ditch option for wireless reliability and dependability.
In that case, don't buy a product with potential issues with your client devices.
ah thanks. my choices are either mediatek filogic with asus or other brand with broadcom chip. I will go with the latter. its a lot more cheaper. But the asus one was really tempting.
Good luck. And keep us posted on what model you decide on and your experience with it with your networking environment.
Based on testing, I've not observed any issues with MediaTek WiFi and Apple devices.

I have my preferences as a developer, mostly because of the SDK and toolsets, and there my preference is Qualcomm-Atheros - they're a SDK vendor I've worked with for years, and I'm quite aware of the specific quirks and capabilities of their chipsets...

Any issues with any chipset are mostly on the Router Vendors themselves, and what features/capabilities they enable, and bugs inside the Vendor software.

FWIW - if you're Apple centric, consider Synology - their RT6600ax is a good WiFi6 router with features that most people generally use. More importantly, they don't get in the way of things like AirPlay, AirPrint, and other Apple specific features.

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