Merlin CLI to enable/disable VPN Policy Rules or VPN Clients


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Hello, I see there have been some questions in the past about this but I did not find any answer that actually explained how to do this in deep.

I would like to be able to activate and deactivate VPN policy rules (or VPN Clients, whatever is easier and more straight forward) through CLI, probably making a script in my desktop or something, so I can basically swap between VPNs and my WAN quickly without needing to access the web GUI.

Is there any documentation on how to achieve this?
I tried to find out what is going on through the logs every time I active and deactivate a rule, or that I enable or disable a VPN Client, but I did not find the actual commands being ran so I have no idea whatsoever about what to do.


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There is no API for managing the VPN policy rules outside the GUI. I suppose one could be developed. It's just a specifically formatted file intended for parsing by the GUI.

cat /jffs/openvpn/vpndirector_rulelist

If you just want to manage the start/stop of the various OpenVPN clients ...

service start_vpnclient1
service restart_vpnclient1
service stop_vpnclient1


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Amazing thanks, I guess I can simply enable all rules and activate their function by enabling the clients.

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