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Mesh advice, please?

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I want to replace some old Apple Time-Capsules in a friends place with an alternative MESH system.

Unfortunately, all the off-the-shelf offerings seem to only offer up to three access points with a coverage of around 5,000 square feet or so (circa 600sq yards/metres). The property has a footprint of around 32 x 30 yards/metres or just 900 sq yards/metres and therefore circa 8,000 sq feet.

If we purchased a three pack of Google or Linksys or TP-Link or whatever, can we then just continue extending with further nodes?

Sorry if it seems a dumb question but I've been unable to find out from the manufacturers' sites.

Thanks in advance, for any help and advice.

If you already have the backhaul cabling and power to the Apple devices, just replace with AC APs. Much more reliable and higher bandwidth possible than the wireless mesh systems.
With mesh systems, more nodes is not better, especially if you get into multi-hop situations where data needs to be relayed through multiple mesh nodes to get back to the wired connection.
Each "hop" reduces throughput.

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