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New Around Here
Hi, I just found this site, I am doing research on buying a new NAS after some bad luck that I just had with my PlatinumNAS.
Maybe someone could help?
I have a 1TB unit 2 years old which I always had problems with the folder ACL's (permissions) one day you could log in and share the next you couldn't. This unit is used for small business (5 users). Tech support suggested that I should upgrade firmware and re-create the RAID, I did and now the only way that the unit is accessable is through the admin GUI or if I disable the ACL's. I need to have different access rights for each user and now it doesn't work!
The login pop-up appears after browsing to my folder when the user name and password is entered the pop-up comes back only this time displaying my computer name then backslash in front of the user name?
Tech support says it is a samba problem and the only way around it is to send in the unit for them to reload the software...at a cost!
I just noticed on your site that my NAS looks just like the Thecus N4100 and the firmware ver is the same...who makes who?
Any ideas?
If not any suggestions for a new unit? Just need the basics with RAID 5.
Thank you for the help!
I don't know if MicroNet and/or Thecus share a common OEM/ODM.

I also can't comment on Micronet support or products since we haven't had any contact with the company.

A good reliable product with good support and active user Forum is the Netgear ReadyNAS line. If you need RAID5, look at the NV+. If RAID 1 is ok, then the Duo.

Thanks for the replies guys.
I messed around some more and it now works better than ever.
I found a tech note that after firmware upgrade one setting needed to be manually applied even if it was not changed.
So I took it one step further and reset to factory defaults, applied all of the changes then created different user account names and different shared folder names. Not sure which part solved the problem but it's DONE!

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