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Might have to upgrade my VDSL2 modem..

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Turgut Kalfaoglu

Regular Contributor
Hi. With 20Mbit download (which is OK) but with only 0.9Mbit upload, I'm trying to find a solution. One was to replace my ASUS DSL-N17U in favor of something that might provide me with a better upload speed. Any ideas if there are any? Wifi doesn't matter as I have a CISCO 3925 that's keeping the PPP, and an ASUS RT-AC68U for the wifi..
The DSL-N17U is in bridge mode currently.
Many thanks, -t
The modem model/capabilities is secondary to your paid-for ISP service. What are you paying for?
With the DSL-N17U in bridge mode can you see the connection stats, or does your ISP give you a guide as to what you should be expecting to get?
Yes, the DSL-N17U's wifi is still on. I can connect to it (but no internet thru that of course), but I can check/configure the modem.. My current stats look like (if it's not legible; the full size is at https://www.kalfaoglu.com/modem.jpeg )


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The modem model/capabilities is secondary to your paid-for ISP service. What are you paying for?
You are right - but it's more difficult actually. We live in a development complex that has a basic electrician. The telecom refuses to enter the premises saying anything inside is the responsibility of the DC.
I do not understand the terms you're introducing (fully) here. But, my question should be answerable, no?
Your Upstream Data Rate and Max Rate is below 1Mbps, SNR Margin 8.1db (which is good) and modem's power is 0.4dbm (which means the modem doesn't need to increase power in order to compensate for errors). If I am not mistaken, all these combined suggests your Upload speed is limited by your ISP and a new modem won't change anything.

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