Missing ALL wireless clients on list AC86U

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Good day,

I have a Asus RT-AC86U running merlin 386.2_4. Out of nowhere today I experienced issues on my network. I was having issues with some wireless devices connecting to the network. They have been connected to the network for a while. Eventually they reconnect themselves. I log into the router and notice that absolutely none of my wireless devices are listed in the client list even though they are connected to the router. The hardwired devices are listed, but not the wireless. I have attempted to search the forum for a fix, but have found nothing that really matches my issue. I have rebooted the router and rebooted several of the wifi devices, but nothing shows up. I want to avoid going back to factory then reinstalling merlin if possible.


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Something not right with network map in 386.2.4 I had 2 devices though connected never show in the list at all. Reverted to stock 42095 and all works again.

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