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you can try one more experiment to try to track this down. At the demarc splitter, disconnect your upstairs coax, connect a barrel connector (F/F union) , and then disconnect your downstairs coax and connect it to the other end of the barrel connector. see if the modems sync. If they do, then it should indicate an issue upstream.
Good experiment. (Just don't expect Internet connectivity or your PVR to be recording anything whilst ongoing.)

Honestly, it's tough to have a simpler setup than what you have, short of a direct coax connection, so one has to begin wondering if some cable or termination, or adapter, is faulty.

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p.s. If you're a WOW customer, and that PVR is leased from them, the final post to this thread might be of interest.



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Thanks for the input all. Problem solved with purchase of a new Moca splitter ( Holland GHS-PRO-M series). @krkaufman, my setup is as per your updated pic ... POE filter is before the new Holland Moca splitter at ISP (outside box). Everything lights up and I'm close to gig download speeds. Thanks again.

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