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Moving DHCP to Pi-Hole

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Scott Kaforey

Occasional Visitor
I'm already using Pi-Hole in a docker image on my NAS for DNS and it's working beautifully thanks to some posts I've seen here.

Right now I have the following settings so that I can basically force all of my local devices to use Pi-Hole for DNS, even if they're configured with hard coded DNS values:

Lan -> DHCP Server:
DNS Server 1 set to (my pi-hole instance)
Advertise router's IP in additoin to user-specified DNS: Yes

Lan -> DHCP Director:
Enable DNS Director
Global Redirection: User Defined 1
User defined DNS 1: (my router IP)
Client List Entry: My Pi-Hole mac setup with "No Redirection"

Wan-> Internet Connection:
DNS Server 1: Quad 9 (
DNS Server 2: (My Pi-Hole instance)

I added the following to the end of the file (which I use for static dhcp list)

On my pi-hole, I have the following configured:
Settings -> DNS
My upstream servers are setup for Quad 9 and Cloudflare
Everything else is disabled except for I currently have conditional forwarding on setup with the values,, <blank local domain name>

So up to this point, everything is great. I am getting hostnames in my pi-hole logs and I can filter things on a per client basis if I want to.

I'm looking to move DHCP over entirely to the Pi-Hole and I was assuming I need to do the following:
1) Turn off the DHCP Server on the router under LAN->DHCP Server
2) Turn off conditional forwarding on the Pi-Hole.
3) Turn on the DHCP Server on the Pi-Hole
4) Import my static dhcp list from the router to the Pi-Hole (changing the formatting as required)

Do I need to change anything else that I may have missed?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Last time I checked AiMesh required DHCP on the main router. May not work if you have AiMesh setup.

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