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My file server - comments??

Discussion in 'DIY' started by oldfart, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. oldfart

    oldfart New Around Here

    Nov 27, 2012
    Hi Guys
    I'm new to this forum (be nice)
    This is what I built & why

    Why first.
    I wanted:
    a large enclosure to put hard disks in - cooling is a problem where I live, it can reach 50C in the summer. And, I can't afford an a/c enclosure!!
    I needed a file system to serve video files, mostly .mkv files in HD (they are mainly about 8Gb each). They are served to dreambox satellite boxes around the house (dreambox runs Linux).
    Also to serve MP3 files.
    And to download torrents (cough)
    And hold 'other' files (cenral store)
    I have about 6TB of files so far....

    What it is:

    CPU - Quad core Q6600 @2.4GHz
    MB - Asus P5Q-VM
    8GB memory
    running Linux Mint 12

    case Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA Edition

    Raid card LSI 9650SE-8LPML
    Raid 5

    6 x WDC WD2003FYYS-02W0B0
    1 hot swap spare
    1 old sata 2TB drive for the system drive

    File system
    GPT partition
    ext4 format

    Router - Vigor 2820

    switch Netgear GS748T

    UPS Salicru advance 2000VA

    4 laptops
    2 tablets
    1 phone
    4 dreamboxes

    everything is networked to the switch via seperate cat6 cable through a patch panel.
    The router is direct to the switch.

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