My QNAP has been off for a year

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So, I decided to bring it online today. I updated the firmware as there have been some issues. Bleepingcomputer mentioned running the antivirus. I loaded it and it seems like ClamAV which I don't consider a real help. Is anybody running security? Is it ClamAV or am I just missing it? I am not very experienced at QNAP. Anything else I should do? I plan to turn it off again at some time in the future.


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This is the highest example of 'cold storage' then. :)

Disconnect it from the internet. Disconnect it from your network. Only access it from a known reliable and fully scanned client device.

Turn it off sooner, than later. If you'll need it sometime around 2022. :)


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That's not QNAP. That's Synology. :)


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Not a problem @coxhaus, we're here to help each other out. :)


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For QNAP users, there is a Malware Remover app developed by QNAP, which acts as a NAS virus scanner (unlike ClamAV which is a generic virus scanner that only handles data, not the underlying OS). Strongly recommended that everyone get that Malware Remover installed and enabled. It's able to detect and remove all these recent malwares (tho it can't do much to recover your encrypted data).

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