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New Around Here
See here for my backstory, if interested. Thank you to all who gave me feedback.

After synthesizing everyone's feedback, here's what I'm thinking of purchasing, budget pending:

*Synology DS423 or perhaps DS1522 (the decision may be easier, since the 1522 (diskless) is not currently available on Amazon)
*Seagate Ironwolf 12TB hard drives (either 4 or 5, depending)
*Is an uninterruptible power supply like this one a want, need, or must-have?

Seem reasonable? Anything I'm overlooking or not thinking about?
Looks like a good bill of materials...

DS423 is a pretty good NAS box, the Ironwolves are a good choice (just note that they are agressively noisy on seeks), and I would seriously recommend the UPS...

Just note - I would also consider the 923+ compared to the 423 - you have the ability to add a 10Gbe card at some point if needed.

RAID is not a back strategy - the more disks in a RAID site, it's a nLog function on failure rates... and it's a bit opposite of what one would expect - RAID1 is pretty safe, RAID10 is similar - RAID0 is scary RAID, and RAID5 follows closely behind...

So like the UPS, backups of that NAS are a critical path item.
and with random bit error rates of 1 in 10^15 bits, well, calculate the number of bits that can be stored on that capacity disk and then apply across an array.
So maybe consider configuring my NAS as RAID10 then, and accept the difference in storage capacity.

Can you do RAID10 on a 5 bay?

If budget becomes an issue, could I start with 2 drives in RAID10, then add more later seamlessly?
RAID10 needs an even number of drives (greater than 2).

You can't do RAID10 with only 2 drives.

You can do RAID10 on a 5-bay NAS (assuming it offers that option). But you'll have a spare bay available (for hot-swap, possibly).
Of course you can't do RAID10 on 2 drives. That's a silly statement :(

So maybe start with 2 drives in RAID1, then when/if I get to 4, I could consider RAID10? Or once I decide RAID1 that's it?
Yes, it is silly. One you made/implied originally.

I don't believe that you can migrate RAID1 to RAID10. Even if you could (depending on the manufacturer/firmware...) I wouldn't attempt to with important data on the router.

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