Need advice on simplifying whole house WiFi coverage

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I have had challenges getting adequate coverage throughout a 4-story house, so in my attempts to get adequate coverage I have built a rather complicated system.

I currently have a Netgear genie CM1150v receiving 1 gig comcast service (usually between 850 and 1100 Mbps with 40Mbps up) with an Asus RT-AC5300 router with two Access Point connected routers (Asus RT-AC66U and RT-AC1200 ). The APs are connected via two Actiontec MoCA Coax adapters. The speeds of the MoCa connections are 1 gig and 400 Mbps (likely due to at least one splitter in line). The AC5300 is on the top floor the AC66U on the 2nd floor and the AC1900 on the 1st floor. At any given time I have around 36 clients connected, a mixture of computers, printers, phones, ipads, door locks, garage doors, cameras, TVs, streaming devices, speakers, etc. The APs give me fairly seamless switching with phones and laptops as I used consistent SSID naming across the devices.

Currently I have decent coverage, but the system is unnecessarily complicated and if I am not at home getting the it back up after a power failure or service interruptions is sometime problematic.

I am considering purchase of the Asus ZenWiFi Ax (XT8) to replace this rather complicated setup. Any advice would be appreciated.



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i have SMB gear and MOCA 2 & 2.5 installed. Cisco RV325 and 4 RV371 APs. All on wired back haul.
When the power goes out and restores, they boot up and all back to normal. Service interruption usually requires a reboot of the ISP modem which has to be local, but my kids are able to do it.

There are more recent versions of both of the above with better specs and features, but this is doing ok for now.

Is it more of an issue with the devices (clients) or the network supporting them ?


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Its a mix, a reboot of the AC5400 and the cable modem both is sometimes necessary but also clients as well. Sonos speakers try to connect to other signals, I mostly fix that with a second sonos boost The garage door are the most problematic, probably because of a fairly weak signal to begin with.
Also another problem I didn't mentioned above is the MoCA setup interfering with xfinity boxes, initially they wouldn't work until I got a knowledgeable tech to setup a second master box. Most techs wouldn't even try, say it can't work. I won't get started on Comcast.
Any experience with the ZenWiFi?

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