Need help w/Merlin+Diversion+Skynet Setup

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I need some help configuring my router. I'm currently using: AX11000 w/Merlin 286.3 firmware.

Installing Merlin firmware, AMTM, Diversion and Skynet was a breeze (thanks to all the posts and guides out there). I just can't find/figure out the right combination of settings to get everything working in harmony. I've read up on a lot of posts and tried a different setting configs, but I can only get some things to work and not others. Here is what I want to achieve (in order of importance).

1.) AdBlock with Diversion + OpenVPN Family (DNS Filtering) on selective devices.
- I was able to get this to work by setting the IPs on the WAN DNS Server1 and DNS Server2 , but it enables OpenVPN on all devices. I want AdBlock on ALL devices and OpenVPN on some deivces. Is this possible?​

2.) Then I'd like to expand this to VPN Clients. I have some devices using different VPN servers (VPN1 and VPN2) and some going straight to WAN using VPN director. I would like to have all devices connected to VPN to use adblock and only some of those devices to have DNS filtering.
- I've read that for this to happen I need to set Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel to Yes (all) and Accept DNS Configuration to Exclusive. As I understand it, that means ALL devices connected to the router will use only VPN1. Can I still use VPN director for this?​

3.) Then I'd like to expand into Skynet to enhance firewall.
- I was able to get Diversion and Skynet to work, but I find my IoT devices have spotty connectivity and some just don't connect.​
- With over 100 IoT devices from different manufacturers, what is the best approach to setting this up?​
- How do I find out which devices are using which ports? Maybe I need to unrestrict them from Skynet?​

4.) Then I'd like to apply all of the above to the Guest Network.
- I have YazFi installed and have not tinkered with it much, but I think setting DNS Server 1, DNS Server 1 and VPN Client No. should get me there, correct? Diversion, Skynet and DNS filtering should all work, right?​
5.) Lastly, VPN speeds.
- When connecting to a specific VPN server via their app on the computer I get good speeds (600+Mbps DL). When I connect to the same server without the app and through the router VPN client settings, the speed drops to about 250Mbps.​
- I contacted their support and other than asking me to run more speedtests they haven't been able to explain the discrepancy.​
- I am assuming this is due to the differences in the CPU of the computer vs the router, correct?​
Thanks for any help with any of the items above.

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