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Need help with Bufferbloat at 400/100 speed

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"..I upgraded my speed connection to fiber with 500 dl and 250 upload but overall it gets 400 / 100, i,,"

When I upgraded to gigabit my old i3 intell cpu with a gigabit interface could not do full gigabit.. Getting a faster laptop I could. I then found my Tp-Link gigabit switches could not do full gigabit. Definition get a better laptop for 500 Mbit service.
If your equipment is not up to the higher speed why would you upgrade? QoS is not going to be an issue with older equipment as it will not saturate your connection. It does require a little thinking about where you want to be in the networking world and what equipment you own and what you want to buy.
Well right now i have an "unused laptop" with an i5 7200u, i'll try installing pfsense and see how it works
This are the results after some tests with pfsense installed on a laptop with an intel cpu i5 7200u and a tplink usb adapter of 1gbps usb 3.0 (this was the adapter i was concerned with pfsense), first i ran 3 test the overall was 40-60ms then ran other 3 test and the overall was 70-110ms this is without any shaper at all.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 141004.png
Screenshot 2023-12-12 141717.png
QCA Cypress with Cake SQM patches on QSDK - 500/50 connection on the WAN side... (DOCSIS 3.1)

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 4.12.45 PM.png

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