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Need help with setting up CAKE SQM on RT-AX88U

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From my experience, a pretty good test is to run ping on one client while running Speedtest that saturates your connection on another client. Unfortunately, in my case, CAKE fails this test, while Adaptive QOS works flawlessly.


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It’s not pointless at all since the whole point of me upgrading my home network was to improve my online gaming experience.

Claiming fibre connections are free from bufferbloat is objectively false. I don’t understand why you reply to threads without giving answers.

I’ve asked for the correct WAN Packet Overhead for my connection - no answer.
I’ve asked for the correct CAKE settings to use - no answer.
I’ve asked for reliable websites/software to test QOS values - no answer.

As a fellow buffer bloat fanatic and gamer, maybe I can help. I am familiar with setting up traditional QoS and SQM since I also own an edge router 4. Anyway what website are you using for buffer bloat tests, waveform?
I can get and A rating on my ROG Rapture and can get an A+ when I use the ER4. I have not messed around too much with the QoS settings yet on the ASUS since I just bought it.
Anyway what I like to do to test buffer bloat is use ping plotter and ping google and watch the ping chart while running a speed test. I will keep lowering my bandwidth until my ping does not spike at all I usually stick with those speeds. Watch the ping chart and during download and up load tests, sometimes one or other does not make the ping spike at all so you just lower the bandwidth on the either the upload or download.
On the ER4 you have a lot more options to tweak using SQM, maybe cake does too?

I am not sure how accurate the website buffer bloat tests are because I can totally saturate my line and not get a single spike using the ping plotter test but only get an A on waveform website.
Do you have any screen shots of the CAKE QoS configuration so I can see what can be tweaked? I am running stock Asus FW so I only have traditional and adaptive.
If I use traditional QoS, it totally tanks my fiber 1G FIOS connection to 500M and still only get an A however still tinkering with it.

If you play COD, that SMBB is just jacked and no matter what you do with your connection, I still get a bad connection. I can have A+ bufferbloat, rock solid ping during the game and still lag.

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