Need information on SSH protocol

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We are going to use the cloud service for storing the archives. Thereby we can improve the server performance and memory needs of our huge volume of data.

More companies are preferring cloud storage and it's a trending shift. I also happen to hear about the security measures that needs to be taken as we hear accounts being hacked or data theft.

I would like to know the use of SSH Keypair or SSH protocol. This article tells how encryption key can be hacked or what should we do to protect our account. Please share your knowledge about it.

I would also like to know some security measure tips or, is it necessary to seek a security solutions service?

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have control of the sshd config?

if so - you can require key authentication that would require the private key and a passphrase if you wish.
The use of yubikeys is now able to be included in the ability for ssh access -

if you don’t have control of this it’s not unreasonable to have these configured.

I’m not familiar with aws or their methods in access control and when someone tried explaining one of their services as a developer saying it was great because there wasn’t any operating system just this service that could allow tons of some term that I’m sure was his sending something for input and shortly after asking about logs and the no idea what syslog was made me wonder - when did full stack developer mean whatever it means (honestly I don’t know) but does not mean understanding the internals of an operating system’s design and the movement into a register to the higher level programming like C and what I would consider a full stack and only able to be one after decades and not the year after college..

I say that because his understanding of aws allowing him something that has no operating system tells me they may not give control of something like the control of sshd config..


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That was a 4 years old thread, user hasn't logged back since November 2016...
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