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Need some advice setting up VR streaming

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New Around Here
Hi! I joined up hoping I could get a little assistance from the knowledgeable folks around here. I cant seem to find a direct answer to my question so I hope you can shed some light for me.

I need better speed for streaming 4k video and VR (htc vive pro). Im also going to be in a scenario where I will need to do the mesh thing to get internet signal for a laptop to a far corner of my property so it is something I need to consider. The router will of course be close to my PC for gaming, so we don't get confused there.

Firstly, I want to mention that I have a Spectrum internet connection and currently use their equipment. I will obviously be ditching this stuff. Spectrum shows Asus CM-32 AC2600 as being the fastest I can get that is "approved" and is a modem/router combo. I was looking for the best equipment I can find and it seems the Asus GT AC-5300 router is top of many lists and mentions being ideal for the tasks I require, but this is where I get confused.

1. Is the GT-AC5300 a standalone modem/router combo or is this used to augment the CM-32 AC2600? Meaning do I buy both?

2. If it is a standalone unit, do I need to use a Spectrum approved modem or will the GT-AC5300 work or connect with Spectrum internet?

3. I see the CM-32 AC2600 shows it is 2 band (2.4 and 5 ghz). The GT AC5300 shows it is 3 band (2.4 and two 5 ghz). Would connecting the GT AC5300 after the CM-32 AC2600 like the ordinary modem and router setup I'm running now create that 3rd band it advertises and amplify the signal?

Can I get some help buying the right stuff? What do I need to optimize? I just want do this once correctly. My knowledge is limited and could use the expert input.

I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks for listening!
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The GT-AC5300 doesn't have a built-in cable modem.

Some people on these boards have said that particular model is poorly supported by Asus. You might want to consider the RT-AC86U (not the RT-AC68U) instead.
Ok so if it's not a modem, is there any benefit to me installing this with the cm-32 ac2600? Does it boost my signal? Will I get that 3rd band?
Sorry, I have no personal experience of either of those products but there would seem little point having both the CM-32 and the GT-AC5300.

I see on wikidevi that the CM-32 has the same Puma chipset as the SB6190. So if you're an online gamer I would avoid both like the plague.

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