need to share an internet connection

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Currently have gigabit fios to the home. With remote work taking over the home, I need to segregate work from home. home=5 wired clients(1 NAS, 2 pcs and 2 consoles) and 2 access points(a bunch of iPhones,tablets and iot devices)
Work will be 3 pcs which will need to provide an open port for remote ssh access.
I have read a bunch of threads on this forum but have only gotten confused.

My initial idea is to get an edgerouter 4 to connect to the outside line.
The lan side of the edgemax would connect to a switch which would serve the 'business'. One to the switch ports would go to the internet port of the Verizon router. Then I would map a dmz port from the edgemax router to the Verizon router ip. The edgemax lan would be and its DHCP server disabled. All business clients would have static ip addresses. The Verizon router lan would be with DHCP enabled. The Verizon router ip would be

The Verizon router also has a cable connection in addition to ethernet. Apparently, tv programming comes in over the cable.

Is this enough information for someone to give a good response? I do not know what advantage I would get from running pfSense on something like this:
instead of the edgemax

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