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Netgear just made me really appreciate Asus and Merlin

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Remember when they initially introduced their cloud account requirement? It generated a major backlash at the time, which forced them to partly revert course.
Trust me, it can't be skipped without constantly unplugging the WAN. It seems fairly recent so probably was added long after the manual was written, complaints all over the netgear forums, and apparently they're even actively eliminating the bypasses like going to specific URLs to configure stuff.

Hardware wise not complaining at all, not for the price. But if I were to do it again I'd get the TP Link. Won't be buying anything Netgear going forward.
I can confirm this too.
if it was the TR-841N
I had one of those before my Asus Dark Knight RT-N66U, it was a great router back in the day. After I had finished with it I installed DD-WRT on it, just to see if I could and have a play. It then sat in the box of old bits for about 10 or so years. Then recently my friend, who has a mill in France, had their netgear die on them, so I gave it to him. It now provides wifi for their needs over the Mill in France, still running DD-WRT.

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