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Netgear Orbi RBK 852

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New Around Here
If anyone here has this model of Orbi I desperately need to speak to you. I’ll list the issues I am having. I’m getting ready to chuck this Orbi out the window!!!

Problem 1.

About a year ago my small town finally got gigspeed fiber. I am pretty sure I was one of if not the very first in my neighborhood to get it installed and working. At first it was FAST!!! The installer brought the fiber wire into the house and then came in my media room where it was to be hooked up to their supplied fiber modem. They use a Calix 803G.
They also offer a router but when he saw that I already had a router he told me that mine was better. I have a Netgear Orbi 850 mesh router with 1 satellite that is located at the other end of the house. My issue is that when it was hooked up at first my wired PC was getting speeds of around 940 down and about 940 or so up.
Ping was 3 on the wired PC. On all wireless devices like my phone and iPads I was getting about 600 down and up with a ping of 5. In the year since, speeds have lowered a bit and ping has risen. I don't understand why. I've been given reasons why but I guess I just don't understand. Very little has changed in my little room where all the equipment is. Help please.

Probem 2.

Christmas Eve 2023 I got the Apple TV for a present from my mom. Worked wonderfully for a couple of weeks. Then at that time or their abouts it got slower. Christmas Eve night after we all finished opening gifts is when I hooked it up. I plugged it into my surge protector for power and then of course the other end into the unit. Next I put a brand new Ethernet cable I had bought that was in a bag of 10 into the 1Gbps Ethernet port in the back of the unit. Other end I connected to my unmanaged Ethernet switch made by Netgear that I have all my other connected devices running through. The Ethernet switch itself is connected to my Orbi. The Orbi is connected via Ethernet to my Fiber modem. The night I hooked the Apple TV in I got a speed of 943 Mbps down and 940 Mbps up. Ping was I think 2 or 3 ms. Now the ping is 4 ms and the speed is anywhere from 940-942 Mbps down (942 is extremely rare!) and 940 up. I am now noticing that I have slower loading streams and sometimes the stream will go blurry. Both live stream and regular on demand type. As far as apps, l use Peacock, Hulu, Paramount+, Max and Discovery+.

I am disabled and in poor health so the internet is my favorite form of entertainment. I’m desperate for this all to work better!

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