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Netgear R6700V3 Cannot Rename Devices

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New Around Here
I was hoping someone here might have some experience to help me.
I cannot rename attached devices on the R6700 router. It has the latest firmware and using Windows 7 to access it via IP address..

When viewing the "Attached Devices" I "Edit" a device name and "apply".
When the page refreshes there is no change.
The change dont take hold after a "Refresh", soft or hard boot.
This is the same for any of the 13 attached devices and any naming field .
I did remove the 4 ethernet ports on the back of the router and I was then able to rename a wireless device and when I reattached the 4 ethernets it then reverted to not allowing a rename.

Any ideas what I can do to get this renaming to work?
Of course Netgear is completely useless in their help


Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
I had answered on dslreports or the ng community? Start unplugging things from the lan ports and the page will work.

I have no idea how to convince NG of the problem. Whether it's an electronic problem or a problem with the software. I tried to tell them on my support case and they just said cannot reproduce since they did not have a Roku like mine (unplugging my Roku seemed to be the device that was causing it for me)..
Hi RMin. Yes I tried that but no success. Look here for what I did.........
Ive done these additional trouble shooting steps with no success:

1) Disconnected individually each ethernet cable on the back of the router and then for each disconnect tried to rename and no success in renaming any device.

2) Turned of the router wireless service so there were no wireless devices connected and still I was not able to rename anywired device.

3) Connected the controlling laptop by wired and wireless and still unsuccessful to rename.

4) Accessed the router with a different windows 10 laptop (was using a windows 7 laptop) and still unsuccessful to rename.

5) Removed all 4 ethernets and at that time I was able to rename a wireless device but as soon as I reconnected then I was unable again to rename a device.

these steps stir up any thoughts towards a solution?

must be some messed up logic in the firmware
Try a power cycle after disconnecting each device? My problem was quite similar but on the 7800. I could not rename even wireless devices. I narrowed it down to my wires Roku being the device that made the page not work.. No idea why hard wired devices affect this page... Also no idea how to get NG to fix it.. Luckliy its doesnt affect basic functionality..
I went further, I reset to factory settings and with just the minimum changes to get it on my network, I was able to rename devices. However not everything on the network was attached at this point. When I reloaded the router configuration that I saved before reset, it was back to Netgear normal.....rename failed.
So the next step will be to reset to factory settings and then manually configure everything and see it that helps....major PIA!
Firmware Version V1.0.4.78_10.0.55
The Device Renaming is a great feature that i was happy to see added as its a great convenience to manage and troubleshoot. The router is functioning well in all other respects except for the Renaming feature. The Rename is a great convenience and its not working does not prevent me from operating my network.

I do not have a Roku attached. I do not have a Roku at all.

During these following tests I am accessing the router via the 2.4G wireless interface, using a Windows 7 Thinkpad E540 and the router has been set to use as is base address. there are about 15 devices attached from security cameras, NVRs, TV, AVR, 2 laptops. I can provide screen shots or any data. If there is anything I can do to provide access or more information please feel free to ask.

Ive done the following trouble shooting with no success.......
1) On the R6700 I removed one Ethernet at a time on the rear of the R6700, change the Device name, refreshed and then replaced the Ethernet cable. Did this for all 4 Ethernets. At no time was I able to rename any device. I tried to rename several devices all unsuccessful. I have 14-15 devices attached.
2) Reset the R6700 to factory default, tried to Rename Devices and still could not Rename any Device. I restored the original configuration and still could not Rename Devices.
3) Removed all 4 Ethernet cables from the rear of the R6700. Still not able to rename the device. An observation here is that the "wired" devices show still attached in the "Attached Devices" page when they have been disconnected. Even after about 10 minutes of disconnect and page refresh.

a) Some devices names shown in the Attached Devices window typically look like DEV-CD:70:C1. It interesting to note that this name while shown in the page, provides a message of "Invalid Device Name (Symbol)" when attempting to "Apply" it without any changes to it.

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