Netgear RAX120 Firmware


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I have been running since early November 2021 with stable results. Speeds are still up there and no burps whatsoever. I still running over 25 devices and have 160Hz enabled using an ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCIE adapter. Download speeds remain in the 1.3 gig range. Don't know is QOS got touched for Killhippie, but it would be great if they would pay it some attention.
Not sure what you mean by "Don't know is QOS got touched for Killhippie" there was a bug in it way back and I hope they fixed it, but the router stats are still bugged, afrer a few weeks logs get deleted that are recent or you just dont have logs for maybe 5 days and then they start again, its a mess thats been happening for over a year (I use DHCP reservation) not sure if that mucks up the logging process but its frustrating. QoS is pathetic on this router, its so limited, and considering its price the lack of Dynamic QoS is a real shame, apart from that range and speed is great, its still up with one of the best routers I've had, the R7800 on Voxels firmware being the best, but current firmware is stable. I'm just not touching QoS again because when its on and you go to DSL reports the upstream graph looks like a demented buzzsaw rather than a nice smooth rise and plateau when its turned on. QoS really does need work but afer all this time I doubt they will do anything to it, I mean the router has been out a few years now. A great router with just to few features but the best Wi-Fi coverage and speeds I've ever had.

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