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Netgear firmware for RAX120

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Netgear has at last rolled out a solution to address the long-standing reboot problem that has plagued RAX120 users for over a year and a half.
Curious, what reboot problem was that, specifically?
Curious, what reboot problem was that, specifically?
Just do a google search, reddit, amazon product review, and netgear forum, complains are everywhere. Basically, rax120v2 reboot itself several times a day for no reason. There are many theory on this, cpu overload, heat design flaws, manufacturer flaws, official forum even suggest put a laptop cooling fan below the router, but none of them actually fix the problem.

Netgear did many tried in the past 2 years but never able to fix it, they even asking help from customer to do memory dump for debugging.

https://community.netgear.com/t5/Ni...AX120-V2-Constant-Random-Reboots/td-p/2176753 <-- this is really fun to read this thread.


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