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Solved Netgear Rax200 clicking sound

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Hello to everyone again and thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
A friend purchased a netgear Rax200 and was working then was stored away and another brand router was used and still using X brand.
They found the router and coudlnt find the netgear charger it came with.
So they purchased a replacement charger, 19v 3.22amps no centre pi. Barrel.
now when they go to turn the rax200 on it makes a clicking / ticking noise.?? No lights illuminated or powers fully on
Faulty psu o r would you say router has gone rip

Many thanks

If they paired the router with an incorrect power supply, they probably fried it. It may be robust enough to still work with the correct power supply though.
Problem is I did try help them look for the original charger online can't find one.
The one they bought was apparently OEM compatible for rax200.19v 3.12amp
Netgear don't sell replacement chargers either.
Fingers crossed they can find the original with any luck.
It's not just the Volts/Amps that are important. Barrel size, polarity, and possibly other details are just as important too. Were those also matched?
Okay, so if the polarity of the tip was correct, the unit may just be toast.
To @L&LD thank you once again for taking time to reply 😊 problem was solved and router is back up and working again.
They cleaned the barrols with ipa inside let it dry and voila router came back to life.

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