Netgear RAX45 or Orbi RBK50 for better throughput at low attenuation

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Two 2x2 AX clients (macbook and iphone).

Not a big apt, but with brick walls, so I am looking for the router with the best throughput at a rather worse attenuation number.

Confused by the charts whether the Orbi RBK50 would provide me better throughput than the Netgear RAX45.

Note I don't care for 3x3/4x4 maximum throughput numbers, AX gains about 11% percent maximum PHY rates for 2x2/80Mhz which is what I will use; and that RAX45 is newer with better CPU (!?).



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Yes, you'll still get best results from a 4x4:4 capable router though.

Depending on how new your Apple products are, you may not see much joy with their current state.


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- RAX45 is 4x4 capable, but I'm not sure if I'll benefit much more from it if my clients are 2x2 (iphone 13 and macbook m1).

Any comment as for which would work best under high attenuation?


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The more antennae the router has the greater the range, and the higher the throughput.

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