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Network Design for Extranet

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New Around Here
I have reached the limit of my networking knowledge-- it's time to bring in the guns.

I have two requirements- I'm sure there's many ways to suck this egg, but I have no idea what's best or practical. Hoping somebody can get me pointed in the right direction.

My LAN needs to have two things:

(a) Separate segments/sandboxes to isolate networks/machines. Need at least 3

(b) VPN access to segments must be done on a user/machine level. In other words, if User "x" is assigned to "segment 1" he only gets that segment.

One answer is could be port based authentication- but I am ridiculously unsure how vpn clients articluate the RADIUS or 802.1 authetication to the ports.

Another option could be using Windows2003 RRAS.

I have some familiarity with the Linksys RVS4000 and am certainly open to changing products/vendors/ sloution sets.

Any ideas out there?

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