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Network Disk with DHCP

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My Synology NAS is using DHCP, so the IP address changes.

Can I configure my DVICO M-4130SH network player Network>TVIX Network Info> Network Disk>Server IP to take DHCP into account or do I HAVE TO set Network>TVIX Network Info>Wired IP Setting> to "Static IP", and change the IP in my Synology NFS from DHCP to static?

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Check your router's DHCP server settings. It may allow you to assign / reserve IPs.
No router

I have no router.

I am using:
1) DVICO M-4130SH network player
2) Synology DS207+ NAS.

connected on a cross over cable.

Thank you,

Unless you have a DHCP server, you need to assign static IPs.

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