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New Around Here
Hi All,

Please bear with a relative network noob. I've an interesting issue and would really appreciate some more informed opinions on this.

What I have:-

Asus RT-AC68U
Dual WAN Mode (Failover)
WAN: 4G LTE Modem (Primary)
LAN: BT Broadband on Billion Modem (Hot standby)

At present I have the Asus router setup in Dual WAN mode and set to failover to the broadband on the LAN1 port in the event that the 4G LTE modem dies.

All is good, I have a nice 100GB cap and am getting speeds of around 50-60mbps. Low contention where I live!

My one issue is that I cannot ssh in to my network from external as the 4G ISP NATs the traffic. I used to use the Asus RT-AC68u in dual wan with load balance mode, which allowed me to ssh in over the broadband modem, but in load balance mode I was not utilising my nice fast 4G connection ALL the time.

On doing some basic checking with tcpdump I see that traffic on the broadband modem, although it is in hot standby mode the traffic still hits the PPP1 (LAN1) interface on the router. Is there a way to set an interface based static route to direct this traffic to my Raspberry Pi which acts as a internet pop for me accessing my home network?

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any help
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