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RT-AX86U - WAN failover

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As part of my internet package, my ISP offers an internet "backup", which is basically a 4G USB dongle inserted in their modem. When the main line fails and the modem detects that, internet access is switched to the dongle.

This is great on paper. However, my ASUS router's MAC address is known by the ISP, to ensure it gets a direct public IPv4 address. This "bridged" mode doesn't work with the dongle, so when the main line is out, so is my router. So, I was checking to use the Asus WAN failover options, but the only way to make that work would be to change my router's MAC during a failover. That way, my router would be detected as a regular client and get internet access behind the dongle's NAT. I guess I could change the WAN MAC with the MAC cloning option, but then that's a manual operation. Is there any way to automate this in case of a detected outage?
The following add-on script, if you haven't seen it, may or may not be relevant to what you seek. You may want to inquire within the add-on script's discussion how the add-on script handles the WAN MAC address.


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