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Is there any NAS or home server device that will handle all of the following?

  • streaming apple lossless music files to either an Apple TV or Squeezebox
  • streaming picture, music, & video files to Playstation 3 and Apple TV
  • automatically backing up files stored on various networked computers
  • backing itself up to USB drives
  • powering down when idle and waking back up from the LAN
  • printing to an attached printer
MythTV and a little Linux understanding will do most of that for you. However some of the steps for an AppleTV Frontend sound like something not for the faint of hart..
You're asking a lot there. I've never heard or or seen any sort of off-the-shelf product that can do even half of those things. However, Brandon's right about MythTV probably being what you're looking for.

The last 4 things on your list just about any Windows or Linux based PC could do easily with a variety of free software - that will be the easy part. As far as the streaming goes, you'll just have to find a Windows or Linux app that can stream to your various devices. I know Windows Media Player (11) can easily be set up to stream to devices like the Xbox and PS3. It's going to be a matter of finding an app that can stream to the AppleTV.
+1 on the NV+
I have had the ReadyNas NV+ for about a year now and it does everything I could want and more.

I highly recommend it.
Most Major NAS Suppliers Can Do what you want

I run in different locations:
QNAP TS109 to Buffalo Linktheater, PS3 using Twonky 4.4.4
QNAP TS409 to Netgear EVA8000 (SMB), XBox 360 and Terratec Noxon 2 (Twonky 4.4.4)
QNAP TS201 to Netgear EVA8000 (SMB), Philips Streamium (Twonky 4.4.3)
Thecus 5200B PRo to Netgear EVA8000 (SMB); Sonos (SMB); PS3 (Twonky 4.4.4); XBox 360 (Twonky 4.4.4), Philips Streamium (Twonky 4.4.4)
QNAP TS-209Pro to Philips Streamium (Twonky 4.4.4); Sonos

The QNAPs come with Twonky but you have to wait a bit for the latest release in the standard firmware (a long wait for the TS-201). The Thecus is a package install of Twonky which is simple (similar to the Twonky install on the ReadyNAS).

All devices can also have Slimserver installed on them although if installing both Twonky and Slimserver the ports must be adjusted.

For streaming I prefer Twonky as it has a better tree structure. If streaming video to a PS3 and running subtitles you will need to combine the subs with the movie but there are quick non destructive tools to do this.

Basically any of the significant NAS suppliers (Thecus, QNAP, Netgear, Synology, Raidsonic etc) can do what you are after. Beyond that you are into manufacture loyalty and individual preference. Except for the small Raidsonic device the performance is pretty much the same. Cost per Terabyte is also within a comparable range. Obviously 2 disk units are more expensive per terabyte but the difference between 4 & 5 disk units is marginal with multiple units if you install the disks yourself.

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