Release New GT-AX11000 Firmware v3.


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so you are doing a LAG between your modem and the router, not the router and an upstream switch, does comcast support that?

Correct it works either way and it not exactly a matter if Comcast supports it, It is more or less if the modem hardware supports it. It will be more useful as Comcast increases its speeds further, as they are now releasing 2Gbps downloads in some areas and you need either a modem that supports LAGG or a single 2.5Gbps port at least.

In current setup I actually have a custom 1U Rackmount router using PC hardware and running Opnsense Firewall Router OS. It routes out to my main gaming and multimedia desktop PC currently with a dedicated 2.5Gbps connection between the two of them. I then have a LAGG connection from the router to Managed Switch for 2Gps dedicated bandwidth to rest of devices. The Asus GT-AX11000 Router is connected to the switch in Access Point mode, and also has a LAGG connection using 2 of the 1Gbps ports on the router going to the switch and it is running AiMesh with a dedicated backhaul wired 1Gps connection from the managed switch to an Asus RT-AC3100 Wireless Router being used as an AiNode.

When I am not using QOS/Shaper to control the bandwidth to the devices, I can hit the full bandwidth that Comcast provides to me. I do not think there is any issues with the 386 Firmware, but there could be an issue with the modems used, that may not of even been foreseen beforehand.

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