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New Linux Bug may cause Wi-Fi Problems


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I wonder how many Wi-Fi devices use Realtek chips?

Lol. Quite a few, certainly have a few old devices with realtek, but no point in panicking, as pointed out in the article "While it's still not clear how severely this vulnerability can be exploited, ...". Just because there is a vulnerability does not mean in can or will be easily exploited. Just follow basic security, that you should be doing anyway. This, "when a machine with a Realtek Wi-Fi chip is within radio range of a malicious device" reduces the significance greatly.


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I just saw this. I wonder how many Wi-Fi devices use Realtek chips?
the concern here is cheap Android handsets and TV boxes from China that use those chips - and likely will not be fixed... same goes with Router/AP's on the same chips

Windows and Linux desktops - will get a fix in due time...

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