No Aimesh menu after flash latest firmware

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This might be a dumb question but I did search the forum and found no luck.

I have a TM-AC1900 and flashed with latest firmware rt_ac68u 386.3_2, running at router mode. I suppose can find the aimesh menu under the network map but there is none.

Is there some setting I need to turn on first?


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stop try to save few $ especially if you cannot do it correctly and but new router like AX86U for example. Time is money (for me 1h work is more than $50) and AX86U you can buy for just few h of your work.
People are spending $1000 for cell phones and do not want to spend $250-300 for router that is much more important.

"those routers" converted correctly are working OK with any latest firmware, it is not anyone fault people do not know how to do it :)
I personally did conversion of all available routers to AC68U/AC66U_B1 just to learn something - I do not use them at all it is just part of learning process, confirmation it can be done. What I notice strange that "those routers" are working better with AiMesh compering to original ones (not tested at ori AsusWRT as if I buy new router I just log to AsusWRT to check if it is working and then flash alternative FW)). I did experiment I build Aimesh from those routers and 2 AC68U originals - was not connected to internet even and in 1 week of testing only AC68U disconnected from AiMesh and need to be rebooted and add again few times.


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Further discussion of methods to get around ASUS' lockdown of TM-AC1900 firmware to prevent conversion to RT-AC68U will not be allowed
I did not provide any method info "how to" and I am not plan to do it
I could encourage someone to try one more time but they could damage unsupported device :)
My advice was to buy new supported Asus router
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