Nodes don't connect to Dedicated Wireless Backhaul

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My Dedicated Wireless Backhaul on my second 5 GHz channel of my main router (AX11000, Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3_2) is on a DFS channel.
This means that the 5GHz-2 radio is not available until 10 minutes after a reboot or Wireless change on my main router.

My nodes will connect in the meantime to the 5GHz-1 radio because it is available. So far so good.
Problem: When 5GHz-2 radio (Dedicated Wireless Backhaul) becomes available after 10 minutes, the nodes will never connect to it automatically, not after 10 minutes, an hour, 24 hours.
I have to initiate a manual reconnect/reboot of every node to connect to 5-GHz-2 radio.
Has Asus really designed their 'AiMesh' in the way I am experiencing it or am I doing something wrong?

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