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Observing the nt_* processes


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This might seem a little OCD, but in the past few reboots of my router I've been killing the Asus nt_* processes just to see the impact.
I started doing this after reading RMerlin's post that Notification Center (nt_center) was only half-implemented by Asus and doesn't really do anything.

So after killing (using SIGKILL; SIGTERM didn't work): nt_center, nt_monitor, nt_actMail and observing for a few days, I noticed:
  • system load average decreasing by an average of 1.0 as shown by "uptime"
  • an increase in free memory of approximately 5-6MB on average
NOTE: it's possible that nt_actMail is used by AiProtection for the email notification alerts (based on some of the strings in the binary), but I don't use AiProtection.


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nt_actMail is constantly using ~ 07-4% CPU. I do not use Trend AiProtection

I cannot SIGKILL or KILLALL nt_actMail.
How can I terminate that process?

SIGKILL in htop did the job, nt_actMail is gone.
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