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Office router for server

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In our office we currently use RV042 with a Linksys 24-port switch. About 5 computers is connected to this router + 1 server. A year ago we started a web application for our clients. It's growing pretty fast and our server is in constant work. It currently logs about 30 clients connected to the http server per second (1 296 000 hits a day). But for now everything works very fast. Even our network connections. We are plugged into 60mbit fiber line because of 60mbit limitation of router.

Because of the nature of a Linksys RV042 (it costs only 170€) i need to know how to expand our services to provide reliable and fast work in the future.

What do you suggest? How far can we go with this router? How much difference is between RV042 and RV016?

thx for replys ;)

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