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Solved OpenVPN config file with custom server hostname?

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Hey forum, my sincere apology if this is RTFM, I'm really struggling with this. Installed an Asus RT-AX86U with stock FW behind a cable modem in a DMZ, so the Asus has a private IP. My modem is reachable on a static public IP (and has a host name resolving to that public IP) hence the router is also reachable from world. I'm now trying to create an OpenVPN config file on the router to import into my phone. When importing, OpenVPN on the phone shows in the host name field the private IP of the router though and a "locked" in brackets, I can't change that to my public IP or resolvable host name. How can I change that manually - seems no option in the router FW...

Thx so much!
Open the .ovpn file you exported from the router in a text editor. Change the remote line so that it has your public IP address or DDNS name followed by the port. For example,

remote 22333

Import this file into your client.
That easy! I knew I'd be embarrassed by you, haha. Thx so much! It still fails for an entirely different reason though, I have to trace that tomorrow though. It works with my outgoing Netgear router and fails with the new Asus. Well, anyways, tomorrow. Thx a lot again, Sir!

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