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I have setup my RT-AX58U Asus router with OpenVPN using CyberGhost and only allowed one device to be connected for checking.
With OpenVPN disabled on the router the 'whatsmyipaddress' displays my tablet WiFi IP address as that if my ISP, as expected.
With OpenVPN enabled I get the same address! I thought OpenVPN on the router would display a CyberGhost VPN address as it does for my PC.
I use fixed DHCP for all my devices as this allow me to understand what is going on with my home equipment.
The OpenVPN is set to 'internet and local network' as I assume this allows all devices to communicate with each other (for PC streaming) as well as the web (for updates).
Is this IP expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?
Devices going through VPN have to show the VPN as ISP. Check your configuration.
It appears I should not be configuring OpenVPN, instead I should be using VPN Fusion.
So restored my previous backup and stared again.
VPN Fusion appears to have software bugs!
I either get 'connecting' or 'invalid connection' or it is disabled by itself depending upon whenver I try and enable it.
I have also noted I am not able to select any device: all being set by default with the option greyed out. Once again actual performance is not what is claimed in their advertising!
I am also not able to delete a configuration once created.
I have contacted their technical support, but as my previous WiFi issue took two years to get a resolve (their instructions being wrong!) I don't hold out much hope.

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