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I'm curious as to the order of operation when it comes to blocking of ads and trackers. I have Diversion on my router, I run a Safari as my browser with its built in tracking blocker, and I have the WIPR extension running to augment what Safari does.

So If I go to a website that has trackers that are recognized by Diversion, Safari and WIPR, which one blocks first?


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Diversion will usually be the last to block, because it is only going to receive DNS queries for domains that the browser has requested. If the browser blocks an element from being processed, the DNS query may not be made at all.

But I don‘t know with any certainty how the Safari architecture works. A while ago, some ad-blockers (not necessarily Safari-related) used to just prevent ads from being displayed AFTER they were fetched. So Diversion would theoretically have the chance to be first in that case. I don’t think that’s how it happens anymore because once you make the query, the tracking will have already happened at the server-side.

Long-winded way of saying, “It depends.”


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Long-winded way of saying, “It depends.”
I was about to write that long winded reply when your reply notification showed up.
Let me just add that Diversion blocks outgoing domain resolving requests by apps, browsers or other ways of contacting the internet from your network.

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