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Hi Tim,

I was unable to find on your site which packet size you use when testing the wan-lan and lan-wan throughput for routers.

Please could you tell me which size you use :D

The IxChariot throughput.scr script uses mostly 1518 Byte packets. See this for a bit more detail.
Thanks ;)

Most packets sent over the wan interface are ~300-350B ... however it can vary depending on what kind of data is being transferred. In case of 300B packets throughput may drop to about 20% of what's stated since the packet processing rate will be fixed.

I'm eyeing up the WRT610N for use in my flat at uni...I have a 100Mbps connection :D ... I normally just connect over wireless for convenience and don't download many torrents directly here. However I've just got a vds which i'm going to be using as a proxy for torrents... so I will begin downloading 'crap' directly to uni :p

I require a router because we're only allowed to connect one device (mac address)...so i need something to preform nat for me so i can connect my xbox / phone etc... At the moment my wrt54gs is killing me...i need MORE SPEEED!!!!!

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