Parental Controls Not Working Properly for RT-AX88U using firmware 386.1_0 and 386.1_2

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Something weird is happening with the parental controls for my Amazon Firestick.

Ever since I've upgraded my RT-AX88U to firmware 386.1_0 and 386.1_2, the parental controls do not work on my Amazon Firestick. Blocking internet on the firestick using the phone app also does not work. However, both features do work if I reboot the firestick, but it only works for a few minutes after bootup. Very weird.

I've tried rebooting the router and the firestick as well as forgetting the network from the firestick and removing and reinstalling the parental control line item for the firestick.

If there is any insight or suggestion you can give, it would be greatly appreciated! BTW, all other devices being blocked or on the parental control schedule work fine.



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I am also having parental control issues since upgrading to 386.1_2 but I can see the cause - just don't know how to fix. I live in Australia so I have Daylight Savings start/finish dates set accordingly. This allowed the system time to be set automatically to the correct time. Since upgrading to 386.1_2 the System time seems to ignore my Daylight Savings config and the time is out by one hour. Has anyone else had this issue?


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Figured it out. I was using a VPN on the firestick. With it on, the parental controls don't work.

What is strange is that it used to work with the VPN on.


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So, the Fire Stick was supposed to have internet access starting at 7am this morning (the off time is from 22:00 to 07:00). Well, it didn't get internet access this morning. I had to reboot the firestick to make it work.

Also, while in the middle of watching Netflix, it will always have internet no matter if I block the internet access manually or via the parental control off time setting. However, if what I'm watching ends, then it would no longer have internet access (if parental controls are set to block it). Again, this is only happening after the 386 firmware upgrade.


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Ok, I reverted back to firmware 384.19_0.

The Firestick parental control schedule now works even if the VPN is running.

However, the block internet access feature does not work if the VPN is on, but it works if the VPN is off. This might have been like that before, but I haven't really used this feature too often.

Also, if watching a show on Netflix, it get cut off within 20 seconds when the parental schedule kicks in to block internet.

I wonder what was changed in the new 386 firmware that made the Firestick work differently.


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I'm running on parental control issue with 386.1.2....i can block 24hrs but does not block specific hours.....anyone else having this issue?


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I don't have that issue, except now my Firestick cannot be controlled by schedule again regardless of whether the VPN is on or off.

Parental controls appear to work on all devices except for the Firestick. Again, I reverted back to firmware 384.19_0.

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